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Security Services in Phoenix, AZ

Dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each of our clients in the Phoenix and Tucson area since 2006, Urban Tactical Security in Phoenix, AZ provides superior service in a cost efficient manner. Our commitment to professional quality security services is unmatched.


Urban Tactical Security operates a centrally located video and response station with multiple 24/7 manned operators to respond to video or alarm events such as fire, flood, security or elevator alarms. At our central video surveillance station, we monitor ALL video cameras 24/7 for suspicious or unwanted activity and trespasses and respond to your alarm system calls.


If such an event occurs or if we receive an alarm, our licensed security officers are dispatched within 10 minutes of the alarm or video occurrence to the site. If there is a verified event such as break in, trespass, vandalism, fire or flood, first responders such as police or fire departments are immediately notified and our officers follow your authorized protocols of who to contact at the management office.


Urban Tactical Security will clear the site, re-secure the site and reset the alarms whether its determined to be a real threat or a false alarm. The authorized client contact will be immediately notified through our alarm response report that is emailed to you with all details, conclusions and pictures of the response from our exclusive OMADI system.

Our Technology

  • Our services include technology to help you monitor suspicious activity, add or edit valid permits and more!
  • Omadi Account Activity and Reporting System
  • GPS Radio and Car Systems
  • Community Parking and Gate Entry Permit Management System
  • Video Camera Surveillance and Monitoring

GPS Accountability

Urban Tactical Security utilizes 3 separate forms of GPS accountability software programs. Our software will immediately justify and simplify your security enforcement for your community and any commercial offices, alarm responses or emergencies and track anything you could want at the scene of the incident. Time, date and GEO tags are included in that information.

Electronic Tagging Option

Our electronic tagging system gives you ALL the information you need to follow through with your procedure for individuals and/or vehicles that are violating your community's regulations at each district site. Name, address, License ID, License plate info, Make & Model of vehicle with picture of the violation. Tag is electronic and immediately emailed to you, time stamped and geo-tracked.

Task Management - OMADI Software

OMADI software gives the property/community manager instant access to the entire security post immediately via secured password and log-in to their customized properties web location.
The property/community manager has access through the web portal to make immediate changes to the properties post orders, security or towing rules. Such as a last minute notice of a particular vehicle in violation. This info is immediate sent to the coordinating supervisor, dispatch, officer and executed as the manager has dictated.
Every site manager that you approve has access to any information they want through a login portal or through SMS text or email alerts.
  • Security Patrol Reports emailed directly to as many end users as the district wants including security staff or admin staff
  • Accessible from any smart digital device such as, smart phone, tablet/iPad or computer.
  • Access to additional reports such as incident reports, trespass logs and any other customized data you want tracked, searchable and logged.
  • Add tasks such as emergency lights and equipment needed, watch suspicious areas or individuals like trespassed students or any other special activity we can do for you
  • Add or edit valid personnel allowed onsite
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