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Since 2006, Urban Tactical Security in Phoenix, AZ is a locally owned and state licensed professional security guard company with service coverage in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We are have one of the highest reputations in the area and our clients are among the most reputable security businesses in Arizona.
We are dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each of our clients. Urban Tactical Security provides superior service in a cost efficient manner. Our commitment to professional quality security services is unmatched.
With our exceptional security personnel, Urban Tactical Security Agency sets the industry standard for EXCELLENCE with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau with NO complaints! Not once since we began in 2006 have we been sued or faced criminal charges due to our commitment to accountability and communication.
Our well chosen security guards are our best asset and will actively protect and patrol your business, communities and properties. Guaranteeing fast response times to incidents and to be an experienced, deterring force against criminal acts.
Our dedicated management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the military, EMT and with security guard companies an experienced, deterring force aginst criminal acts.

Apartment Security in Phoenix, AZ

Urban Tactical Security is proud to provide custom security guard services to apartment complexes in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities. Our security guards provide more than just a presence in your community, but our guards are also able to assist functions like CPR/first Aid, fire watch, patrol, emergency situations, and other needs as determined by a client. We customize our programs to fit the needs of a client, not the other way around. Our security officers really go above and beyond to discourage theft, loitering, trespassing, vandalism, and other criminal activity, while also providing responsive and friendly assistance to your residents and visitors. We also enforce rules and regulations that generally fall outside of the purview of local law enforcement, such as private parking usage, traffic enforcement, alarm monitoring and response, guest registration, pool usage and lockup, clubhouse event security, and after-hour escorts. Call us today for a free quote today at (623) 853-3712!

Warehouse Security in Phoenix, AZ

Don’t let your warehouse or industrial building become an easy target for thieves. In our experience, even the best lighting and the most secure fence can become a target. With Urban Tactical Security, our Security Guards can ensure that all areas of the building are properly secured, we can do on-site and neighborhood patrols to deter criminal activity, and have a dedicated on-site presence to monitor surveillance equipment. Security Guards are much more than just a deterrent, we provide services such as gate entrance/exit monitoring, access control, 24-hour emergency alarm response, parking control and enforcement, fire watch, traffic control, and more. We work with our clients to create a customized program that fits their needs, not the other way around! Call us today for a free quote today at (623) 853-3712!

Construction Site Security in Phoenix, AZ

Construction sites are easy targets for criminals. Most sites leave thousands of dollars in product, supplies, and equipment laying around unprotected… Easy pickings for a thief! That false sense of security you get from a chain link fence can be breached in a matter of seconds. Even locked on-site shipping containers are no match for a pair of bolt cutters. Let Urban Tactical Security help secure your construction site with the latest in video surveillance combined with our highly trained on-site security guards! Our construction site security services include access control, gate monitoring, site lockup/unlock, vehicle inspections, mobile patrols, neighborhood patrols, 24-hour emergency alarm response, traffic control, and more. We are committed to ensuring that your construction site is secure and fully protected at all times. We work with our clients to create a customized program that fits their needs, not the other way around! Call us today for a free quote today at (623) 853-3712!
Call 623-853-3712 to learn more about security officer training.